As the operators of The Scottish Highland Creamery, we love our community in Oxford, and are so grateful to our customers for their loyalty and support.

We are delighted that over the years our Creamery has become a social gathering place for families, friends and visitors during the warm weather months. In developing the concept for Oxford Social, we started to think that the town might benefit from a coffee shop that could not only serve delicious coffee and baked goods, but also provide a year-round social gathering place.

And, what better location than right next to Town Park!

While we restore the building next door—Oxford Social’s permanent location— to its original historic look and feel, we are planning to keep things simple in our “pop-up” by offering a menu of delicious coffee drinks and fresh baked goods sourced from the finest local purveyors.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Rise Up for our coffee, Turnbridge Point for our baked goods, and (of course) Scottish Highland Creamery for takeaway pints and quarts all year long.


Oxford Social Cafe

102 S. Morris Street
Oxford, MD, 21654

Friday - Sunday
8am - 3pm


102 S. Morris Street, Oxford MD 21654
410.924.6298  |  hello@oxfordsocialcafe.com

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome

Over the years we have learned the most from listening to our customers. Embarking on this new adventure with Oxford Social will be a learning experience. As such, we welcome your ideas and feedback so that we can continue to improve and evolve our menu and schedule to best meet your needs.

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